MAEGS-15: Tallinn, 2007
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The Percival Allen Medal of AEGS

During MAEGS-15, on September 18th, 2007, the first Percival Allen Medal was awarded to

Prof. Jens Dieter Becker-Platen.



AEGS Medal


AEGS has honoured its founder Prof. Percival Allen FRS with a medal to reward geolgists who have done most to forster international relations among Earth scientists. The Association has now opened the call for nominations. The first medal will be awarded at its next international meeting, MAEGS15, in Tallinn next year.

The Percival Allen Medal Award Committee invites submissions for this award, given biennially to a geoscientist for outstanding achievements in the field of international relations in Earth Science.

Other than a distinguished record in fostering international relations in geoscience, there are no special eligibility criteria. The Award Committee will make its decision in January of each odd-numbered year and announce the laureate at the next Meeting of AEGS, in September of the same year. Only proposals reaching the AEGS Secretary before 30 November of each even-numbered year will be considered.


MAEGS-15 is organized jointly by the Geological Society of Estonia and Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology.
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