MAEGS-15: Tallinn, 2007
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Year of Planet Earth



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MAEGS-15 Presentations


Session 1 T. Nield: International Year of Planet Earth pdf (1MB) ppt (12MB)
M.G. Petterson: Minerals, sustainability, emerging economies, the developing world and the "truth" behind the rhetoric pdf (11MB) ppt (213MB)
K. Sundblad: Which metals and minerals will be our future resources? pdf (2MB)  
K. Jarmolowicz-Szulc: Remarks on management and networking for the active research in the environmental field pdf (0.5MB) ppt (5MB)
Session 2 R. Raudsep: Estonian georesources in the European context pdf (2MB) odp (10MB)
V.E. Gasiūnienė: Lithuanian mineral resources and their usage: today, future and problems pdf (1MB) ppt (9MB)
B. Radwanek-Bak: Some problems of sustainable management of mineral resources in Poland pdf (2MB) ppt (10MB)
K. Nenonen & O. Breilin: Geological heritage in Finland as an example of sustainable use of geosites pdf (4MB) ppt (10MB)
Session 3 V. Puura & E. Puura: Origins, compositions, and technological and environmental problems of utilization of oil shales pdf (0.5MB) ppt (1MB)
E. Reinsalu & I. Valgma: Usage of Estonian oil shale   ppt (14MB)
J. Leveinen, B. Aneshkin, F. Blanchard, M. Staudt, G. Van den Dool, S. Sapon & O. Kruglova: Modelling impacts of oil-shale mining on groundwater resources in the Slantsy region, Russia pdf (1MB) ppt (9MB)
K. Sokman, E. Väli, R. Iskül, K. Erg, J.-R. Pastarus & H. Lind: Sustainable groundwater resource management in Estonian oil shale deposit pdf (3MB) ppt (7MB)
S. Sabanov, K. Sokman & H. Lind: Environmental impact assessment of oil shale excavation in Estonia pdf (1MB) ppt (8MB)
Session 4 I. Valgma, V. Karu, A. Västrik & V. Väizene: Future of oil shale mining pdf (3MB) ppt (12MB)
J.-R. Pastarus, K. Erg, O. Nikitin, S. Sabanov, E. Väli & T. Tohver: Geological aspects of risk management in oil shale mining pdf (1MB) ppt (6MB)
S. Sabanov, J.-R. Pastarus, O. Nikitin & A. Viil: Risk assessment of selective extraction of oil shale layers in “Estonia” mine pdf (0.1MB) ppt (0.3MB)
Y.J. Systra, K. Sokman, V. Kattai & R. Vaher: Tectonic dislocations of the Estonian kukersite deposit and their influence on oil shale quality and quantity pdf (6MB) ppt (22MB)
V. Seglins, A. Gilucis & A. Murnieks: Geological mapping in Latvia: from useful minerals and structures to georesources pdf (0.2MB) ppt (0.3MB)
Session 5 R. Schlüter: Options of post-mine utilization of hard coal deposits pdf (3MB) ppt (17MB)
K. Jarmolowicz-Szulc: Fluid inclusion studies in search for hydrocarbons in marine and mountain regions – the Baltic Sea and Carpathian cases pdf (2MB) ppt (6MB)
O. Zdanaviciute, M.V. Dakhnova & T.P. Zheglova: Geochemistry of oil and source rocks and petroleum potential of the western part of Baltic Syneclise pdf (3MB) ppt (27MB)
T. Ruskeeniemi, K. Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, J. Sorvari, B. Backman, E. Rossi, H. Lehtinen, E. Schultz, Ä. Bilaletdin & R. Mäkelä-Kurtto: Use of geochemical data in land use planning and exploitation of georesources – experience from the RAMAS project, Finland pdf (8MB) ppt (16MB)
H. Lehtinen, J. Sorvari & T. Assmuth: Multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary approach to the regional risk management of arsenic in Pirkanmaa, Finland pdf (2MB) ppt (2MB)
Session 6 V. Steinbach: The importance of the mineral raw materials supply in respect to the competitiveness of the European economy pdf (4MB) ppt (9MB)
J. Kaija, J. Baker, M. Bálint, G. Gaál, K. Gondar, J. Leveinen, P. Medgyesi, L. Réti & L. Savici: Sustainable management and treatment of arsenic-bearing groundwater in southern Hungary pdf (4MB) ppt (20MB)
E. Kovacevic, S. Miko, Ž. Dedic, O. Hasan, B. Lukšic & Z. Peh: Impacts of past mining and present aggregate quarrying on the Dalmatian karst environment, Croatia pdf (5MB) ppt (41MB)
M. Orru: Sustainable use of Estonian peat resources and environmental challenges pdf (2MB) ppt (6MB)
E. Niitlaan: Peat production and its regulation in the Baltic states pdf (0.1MB) ppt (1MB)
Session 7 P. Schmidt-Thomé: Integration of natural hazards, risk and climate change into spatial planning practices pdf (7MB) ppt (48MB)
S. Bonetto, A. Fiorucci, M. Fornaro & B. Vigna: Subsidence hazards connected to quarrying activities in karst area: an up-dating of the Moncalvo Sinkhole Event (Piedmont - NW Italy) pdf (10MB) ppt (40MB)
T. Collver: Pioneering New Approaches in Support of Sustainable Development in the Extractive Sector pdf (0.1MB) ppt (5MB)
T. Eerola: NGOs, local people, and uranium exploration in Finland. The anatomy of a new challenge pdf (0.3MB) ppt (2MB)
C.J. Moon: Developing new projects in a mineral rich area of western Europe – recent experiences in SW England pdf (6MB) ppt (107MB)
Session 8

G.O. Iancu, N. Buzgar, L. Apostoae, C. Popa, C. Secu, M. Lungu & O. Stan: The distribution of heavy metals from the soils of the Iasi city and its surroundings

pdf (11MB) ppt (33MB)

A. Shogenova, S. Sliaupa, K. Shogenov, R. Sliaupiene, R. Vaher & A. Zabele: Geological storage of industrial CO2 emissions in the Baltic States: problems and prospects

pdf (3MB) ppt (10MB)

T. Eerola: The use of boulders in urban landscaping at Espoo, Finland

pdf (4MB) ppt (23MB)

H. Luodes: Natural stone assessment with ground penetrating radar

pdf (6MB) ppt (10MB)

P. Härma & O. Selonen: Surface weathering of rapakivi granite outcrops – implications for natural stone exploration and quality

pdf (1MB) ppt (35MB)

A.A. McMillan: Development of sustainable georesources for the built environment in the UK

pdf (5MB) ppt (30MB)

AEGS General Assembly

MAEGS-16 introduction by Corina Ionescu pdf (2MB) | ppt (70MB)
Award Ceremony of Parcival Allen Medal by Ted Nield pdf (0.3MB) | ppt (0.5MB)


M. Beric & M. Francuski: Correlation of petroleum-geologiacal characteristics between Velebit and Cantavir structures on the basis of 3D seismics jpg
S. Devoto & E. Castelli: Slope stability in a old limestone quarry interested by a tourist project jpg
S. Kondratjeva: Latvian dolomite – building stone and road construction material jpg
B. Lalinská, P. Šottník, J. Majzlan, M. Chovan & S. Milovská: Contamination generated by antimony mining in Slovakia: Evaluation and strategies for remediation jpg
M. Mafteiu, M. Marinescu, R. Maftei & D. Stefanescu: Pollution and environment degradation during the georesources recovery process, revealed using geophysical methods. Case studies in Romania jpg
M. Marinescu, A. Popescu, R. Maftei & M. Matei: The complete management of travertine resources. Case study: Carpinis deposit (Romania) jpg
B. Radwanek-Bak: Polish Geological Institute jpg

M. Radulescu & G. Buia: Natural attenuation of volatile organic compounds as feasible environmental remediation strategy – case study of a complex landfill leachate contaminating the groundwater system

P. Šottník, O. Lintnerová & S. Šoltés: Catchment area affected by mining activities – abandoned Smolník mine (Slovakia) jpg

M. Staudt, G. Van den Dool, S. Sapon & J. Leveinen: GIS data management structure for international co-operation projects – an example from the EU LIFE project “Narva Groundwater Management Plan”

V. Strupl: Czech Geological Survey-Geofond: profile of the organization jpg, jpg
M. Šutriepka: The geochemical study of the bottom sediments of selected water reservoirs in Slovakia jpg
Y.J. Systra & V.G. Spungin: Postglacial seismic activity of the SE Fennoscandia and Estonia jpg
W. Trela: The Middle/Upper Ordovician phosphorites in the Łysogóry Unit (central Poland) – response to the late Llanvirn sea-level rise jpg
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