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  • IUT1-8 — Postglacial paleoecology and paleoclimate in the Baltic area (2013-2018, S. Veski)
  • IUT19-22 — Groundwater flow history, global paleoclimate signals and anthropogenic influence in the Baltic Artesian Basin: a synthesis of numerical models and hydrogeochemical data (2014-2019, R. Vaikmäe)
  • PUT378 — "Keskkonna- ja faunamuutused Hirnantia-eelses Hilis-Ordoviitsiumis Baltoskandia andmeil: Ordoviitsiumi lõpus toimunud massilise väljasuremise eelmäng?" (2014-2017, )
  • PUT611 — Carbon isotopic composition of Early Paleozoic organic matter: Baltic reference curve and its applications in environmental reconstructions, climate models and stratigraphy (2015-2018, T. Martma)
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