The 9th WOGOGOB took place on 17-20 August 2007 in Rättvik, Sweden.
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The 10th WOGOGOB is in 2010 and may take place in Oslo.

Since 1985, when Prof. Maurits Lindström first presented the idea of WOGOGOB, seven conferences on the Ordovician geology of Baltoscandia and associated excursions have been held in different countries: Sweden (1986, 1990), Estonia (1988, 2004), Norway (1992), Denmark (1994, 2001) and Russia (1997). The number of participants in these meetings has increased from a few tens to more than 60. Also the scope of the meeting has widened notably during these years both in terms of geographical coverage and research fields.

The Eighth WOGOGOB Meeting was taken place in Estonia in 13-18 May 2004. Altogether more than 60 people attended the meeting and some 40 talks were given. The organisers are grateful to all participants who made WOGOGOB-2004 a nice and interesting conference.

WOGOGOB-2004 Conference Materials (.pdf, 3.5MB)

Photo Gallery by Helje Pärnaste

some photos by Olle Hints