7th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference

17-18 May 2008

Tallinn, Estonia

List of participants

Last update: 2008-05-16 09:37:30
1. Ainsaar, LehoESTONIAL. Ainsaar, D. Kaljo, T. Martma and T. Meidla: Middle and Upper Ordovician carbon isotope stratigraphy in Baltoscandia: towards a regional chemostratigraphic standard (talk)
2. Baranov, GennadiESTONIA 
3. Bickauskas, GiedriusLITHUANIAG. Bickauskas and N. Molenaar: Nature of the so-called ‘reefs’ in the Pridolian carbonate system of the Silurian Baltic Basin (poster)
4. Buggisch, WernerGERMANYW. Buggisch, M. M. Joachimski and O. Lehnert: Late Ordovician (Turinian-Chatfieldiean) climate of Laurentia (talk)
5. Delabroye, AurélienFRANCEA. Delabroye, M. Vecoli, J. Nõlvak and A. Uutela: Biostratigraphic (graptolites, chitinozoans, acritarchs, brachiopods) and chemostratigraphic (δ13C) correlations between latest Ordovician strata in Laurentia and Baltica (talk)
6. Dolgov, OlegESTONIA/RUSSIAO. Dolgov: Trilobite taxonomy of the Middle and Upper Ordovician of western Leningrad Region and Estonia (talk)
7. Dronov, AndreiRUSSIAA.V. Dronov, A.V. Kanygin and T.V. Gonta: New data on the Ordovician of the Irkutsk Basin (talk)
A.V. Dronov: Mishina Gora section and its position on the Ordovician facies profile (talk)
8. Engalychev, SvytoslavRUSSIAS. Engalychev: Group of postglacial meteoric craters in the east the Moscow area (Russia) (poster)
9. Gogin, JakovRUSSIAI. Gogin: Diagnostic microlithotypes of main facial complexes of the Ordovician in type section (Kulumbe River), Northwest Siberia (talk)
10. Gonta, TarasRUSSIA 
11. Heinsalu, AtkoESTONIAA. Heinsalu, A. Poska and S. Veski: Lake ecosystem responses to Holocene environmental changes: two diatom-based high-resolution case studies from southern Estonia (talk)
12. Hints, LindaESTONIAM.T. Harris, L. Hints and J. Nõlvak: Facies and Sequences of the Vormsi Stage of the East Baltic (poster)
13. Hints, OlleESTONIAO. Hints, J. Li, P. Tang and K. Yan: Biogeography of Early Paleozoic scolecodont-bearing polychaetes: new data from South China and Tarim (talk)
14. Hints, RuttESTONIAR. Hints, K. Kirsimäe, P. Somelar, T. Kallaste, T. Kiipli: Multiphase Silurian bentonites from western Estonia: possible diagenetic pathways (talk)
15. Isakar, MareESTONIA 
16. Ivanov, AlexanderRUSSIAA. Ivanov, E. Lukševics, I. Zupinš and J. Vasilkova: Devonian vertebrates from the Andoma Hill and correlation of sequences in western and eastern parts of the Main Devonian Field (talk)
A. Ivanov: Viséan vertebrate assemblage of Moscow Syneclise (talk)
see Lukševics
17. Kaljo, DimitriESTONIAD. Kaljo, R. Einasto and T. Martma: Ordovician - Silurian boundary beds at Neitla, North Estonia: sedimentological and carbon isotopic signatures of events, some consequences (talk)
18. Kalnina, LaimdotaLATVIAL. Kalnina: Mire stratigraphy in Latvia (talk)
19. Kiipli, EnliESTONIAE. Kiipli: Reconstruction of currents in the Ordovician-Silurian Baltic Basin (talk)
20. Kiipli, TarmoESTONIAT. Kallaste, T. Kiipli and A. Kleesment: Curious quartz forms in Ordovician bentonites (poster)
T. Kiipli and T. Kallaste: A new correlation tool: chemostratigraphy based on the sanidine composition of bentonites – recent achievements and future perspectives (talk)
21. Killing, MairyESTONIAM. Killing, O. Hints, J. Nõlvak, M. Vecoli and V. Viira: Microfossil dynamics and biostratigraphy in the Darriwilian "Building Limestone" of NW Estonia (poster)
22. Kivioja, KatrinESTONIAK. Kivioja and O. Tinn: Fossil ostracod fauna from the sediment intrusions at the Osmussaar Island (talk)
23. Kleesment, AnneESTONIAA. Kleesment: Some lithological signatures of basin evolution in Baltic Devonian sequences (poster)
24. Koren, TatyanaRUSSIA see Suyarkova
25. Kröger, BjörnFRANCE/GERMANYB. Kröger and T. Servais: The paleoecological dimension of the nautiloid diversification during the Ordovician in the context of the marine trophic web (talk)
26. Lang, LiisaESTONIAL. Lang and I. Puura: Systematic position, distribution and shell structure of the Devonian brachiopod Bicarinatina bicarinata Kutorga (poster)
27. Lefebvre, BertrandFRANCEM. Reich, B. Lefebvre and M. Kutscher: Mitrates (Echinodermata: Stylophora) from the Silurian of Gotland, Sweden (talk)
28. Lefebvre, MyriamFRANCE 
29. Lehne, RowenGERMANY 
30. Lehnert, OliverGERMANYM. Calner and O. Lehnert: A first report on the Upper Ordovician stratigraphy of the Borenshult-1 core, Motala, Sweden (poster)
O. Lehnert, P. Männik, M. Joachimski and W. Buggisch: A first δ18O record from conodont apatite across the Lower Silurian Ireviken Event in Estonia (talk)
O. Lehnert, M. Calner, M. Joachimski, W. Buggisch and J. Nõlvak: δ13C record of the Upper Ordovician succession of the Borenshult-1 core (Motala, Sweden) and its intracontinental correlation (talk)
31. Li, JunCHINAYAN Kui and LI Jun: The acritarch diversity changes and their significance in South China (poster)
32. Liivrand, ElsbetESTONIAE. Liivrand: Succession of the stratigraphical units of the Upper Pleistocene in Estonia (talk)
33. Lukševics, ErvinsLATVIAE. Lukševics, R. Mikulaš, A. Ivanov and I. Zupinš: Devonian trace fossils from the Andoma Hill (Onega Lake, Russia) (poster)
E. Lukševics and G. Stinkulis: Sea-level and biotic changes, events and stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian of Latvia (talk)
34. Madison, AnnaRUSSIAA. Madison: Forming of the cardinal process in the ontogeny of some Middle Ordovician strophomenids from the Leningrad Region (poster)
35. Mark-Kurik, ElgaESTONIAE. Mark-Kurik: A Middle Devonian holonematid arthrodire with unusual ornament from Estonia (talk)
36. Marshall, JohnU.K.J.E.A. Marshall, P. Plink-Björklund and E. Mark-Kurik: Recognising the Givetian Taghanic Event in the Devonian Baltic Basin and its importance as a high-resolution international correlation datum (talk)
37. Martma, TõnuESTONIA see Kaljo
38. Mastik, ViirikaESTONIAV. Mastik and O. Tinn: Taphonomic experiments in ostracod research (poster)
39. Mattern, UlrikeGERMANY 
40. Meidla, TõnuESTONIA 
41. Mens, KaisaESTONIA 
42. Männik, PeepESTONIA 
43. Märss, TiiuESTONIA see Talimaa
44. Nemliher, ReetESTONIA 
45. Nestor, HeldurESTONIA 
46. Nestor, ViiuESTONIAV. Nestor: Expression of the Mulde Event in chitinozoan succession (poster)
47. Nielsen, ArneDENMARKA.T. Nielsen: Lower Cambrian sequence stratigraphy and palaeogeography in Baltoscandia (talk)
48. Nõlvak, JaakESTONIAD. Goldman, S.L. Klosterman, J. Nõlvak, D.H. Sheets and G.C. Miller: Correlation of the Middle and Upper Ordovician rocks of Baltoscandia using CONOP9: preliminary results (poster)
49. Põldsaar, KairiESTONIAK. Põldsaar and L. Ainsaar: Ordovician calcareous sandstone and gravellite erratic boulders from Hiiumaa: composition and origin (poster)
50. Popp, AdrianESTONIA/GERMANYA. Popp and H. Pärnaste: Distribution of proetid trilobites in Baltoscandia (talk)
51. Puura, IvarESTONIAI. Puura, E. Uibopuu, L. Lang and J. Nemliher: Examples of taphonomic alteration of shell structure and composition in lingulate brachiopods (talk)
52. Pärnaste, HeljeESTONIA see Popp
53. Radzevicius, SigitasLITHUANIAS. Radzevicius, T. Kiipli, T. Kallaste, V. Motuza and L. Jeppsson: Wenlock bentonites in Lithuania in the frame of graptolite stratigraphy (poster)
J. Paškevicius, S. Radzevicius, V. Klimantavicius: Ludlowian (Silurian) graptolites from Milaiciai-103 well (West Lithuania) (poster)
54. Raukas, AntoESTONIAA. Raukas: On the Quaternary time scale and physical age of Estonian Pleistocene deposits (talk)
55. Rhebergen, FreekTHE NETHERLANDSF. Rhebergen: Ordovician fluvial erratics from Baltica in The Netherlands and northern Germany (talk)
56. Rohde, AndreaGERMANY 
57. Rubel, MadisESTONIAM. Rubel, I. Sibul and V. Nestor: Stratigraphic correlation of the Baltic Silurian sections by implementing CONOP software (talk)
58. Saarse, LeiliESTONIAL. Saarse, A. Heinsalu and S. Veski: Litorina Sea transgression based study on the ancient Vääna lagoon sediment sequence (talk)
59. Sashchenko, AnnaRUSSIA see Zaitsev
60. Servais, ThomasFRANCET. Servais, O. Hints, B. Kröger, J. Nõlvak, M. Vecoli, A. Wallin: The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: Linked to phytoplankton evolution or to asteroid impacts? (talk)
see Kröger
61. Shogenov, KazbulatESTONIA see Shogenova
62. Sibul, IvoESTONIA see Rubel
63. Soesoo, AlvarESTONIA 
64. Sohar, KadriESTONIA 
65. Sokolova, LiubovRUSSIAL. Sokolova: New data about Llandovery conodonts of the Subpolar Urals (poster)
66. Stinkulis, GirtsLATVIAG. Stinkulis: Dolocretes in the Devonian deposits of Latvia (talk)
K. Tovmasyan and G. Stinkulis: Implications of fluvial, tidal and wave processes to the deposition of siliciclastic succession of Devonian, Andoma Hill, NW Russia (talk)
67. Suyarkova, AnnaRUSSIAA. Suyarkova and T. Koren: Advances in graptolite biostratigraphy of the St. Petersburg area, Russia (talk)
68. Tinn, OiveESTONIAO. Tinn, T. Meidla, L. Ainsaar and T. Pani: Exceptionally preserved algal flora from the Silurian of Estonia (talk)
O. Tinn, T. Meidla, L. Ainsaar and A. Dronov: Ordovician ostracods from the Mishina Gora section, Russia (talk)
69. Tolmacheva, TatianaRUSSIAT. Ju. Tolmacheva, A.S. Alekseev and A.N. Reimers: Conodonts in kimberlite xenoliths from the Arkhangelsk region: key to stratigraphy of the lost Ordovician in northern Baltica (talk)
70. Toom, UrsulaESTONIA 
71. Vasilkova, JelenaLATVIA see Ivanov
72. Veski, SiimESTONIAS. Veski, L. Amon and A. Heinsalu: New data on Estonian Late-Glacial chronology and environment: evidence from lake Nakri, Southern Estonia (talk)
73. Viira, ViiveESTONIAV. Viira and A. Löfgren: Lower and Middle Ordovician conodonts from south-eastern Estonia and adjacent Pskov region of Russia (poster)
74. Zaitsev, AlexeyRUSSIAA.V. Sashchenko and A.V. Zaitsev: Composition of the Terrigenous Admixture in the Volkhov-Kunda Clayey Carbonate Deposits of the Eastern part Ladoga Glint (poster)
75. Zupinš, IvarsLATVIA see Ivanov