7th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference

17-18 May 2008

Tallinn, Estonia

New deadline for manuscripts for the special issue of EJES: August 31, 2008.
EJES -- Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences is an international open access and ISI indexed peer-reviewed journal. All participants of the meeting are encouraged to submit manuscripts based on their presentations to the special issue of EJES that will be published in late 2008 or early 2009 issue. All papers will be reviewed and edited as regular papers of the journal. Please check the guidelines for authors at the journal's homepage.

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The Baltic Stratigraphic Association (BSA) unites Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and NW Russian national commissions on stratigraphy. Every three years, BSA organizes international conferences devoted to various aspects of regional geology and stratigraphy.

The 7th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference will take place on May 17–18, 2008 in Tallinn, jointly organized by the Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology; Institute of Geology, University of Tartu; and the Geological Survey of Estonia.

The 7th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference is an International Year of Planet Earth event aiming to contribute to two of its scientific topics: Earth & Life – the origins of diversity and Climate Change – the 'stone tape'. Moreover, the 7th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference has a special session of the IGCP Project 503: Ordovician Palaeogeography and Palaeoclimate.

All contributions related to geology and stratigraphy of the Baltic region are most welcome. Depending on the interest and number of papers, different sessions will be organized. The topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:

Important dates

15–16 May 2008 Excursion A: Ordovician and Silurian bentonites of Estonia
16 May 2008 Arrival to Hotel Dzingel
Registration (from 15.00 to 21.00)
Ice-breaker (from 18.00 to 21.00)
17 May 2008 Scientific sessions 1-4
Conference Dinner (from 19.00 to 22.00 in Estonian Open Air Museum)
18 May 2008 Scientific sessions 4-8
Old Town walking tour (in case of interest)
19 May 2008 Excursion B: Ordovician of northeastern  Estonia
20–22 May 2008 Excursion C: Silurian of Saaremaa Island
20–21 May 2008 Excursion D: Devonian of southern Estonia
31 August 2008 Deadline for submission of papers for the special volume of Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences

Travel, accommodation and venue

Tallinn can be easily reached by plane, ferry, bus or car. See www.tallinn.ee for maps, public transport schemes and other tourist information. For those who need a visa we will send an appropriate invitation upon request.

Accommodation is arranged in the hotel Dzingel, where the conference takes place. Single, double, and triple rooms are available. If choosing double or triple rooms please indicate your preferable roommates. The prices for rooms are as follows:
Singe room: EEK 530 / EUR 34
Double room: EEK 710 / EUR 46
Triple room: EEK 890 / EUR 57
The price includes buffet breakfast, morning and evening sauna and all taxes. All rooms have bathrooms, cable TV, telephone etc; WiFi Internet is available in some rooms (hopefully in all rooms by May 2008) and in the lobby.
NB! The accommodation will be booked by the organizers based on your registration form data and will be paid by the participants on site (credit card or cash).

The conference will be held in the hotel Dzingel. Accommodation and lunches will be arranged therein and this is also where the excursions depart.
Address of the hotel:
Männiku tee 89, 11213 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 6105201

Registration and fees

Please download and fill in the registration form and send it to 7bsc@gi.ee or fax +3726203011.

Conference fees
Regular registration fee (to be paid before 1 March 2008) EUR 100 EEK 1500
Late registration fee (after 1 March 2008) EUR 150 EEK 2250
Student fee EUR 50 EEK 750
Conference Dinner (on 18 May 2008) EUR 30 EEK 500
Excursion A: Ordovician & Silurian bentonites (15–16 May 2008) EUR 100 EEK 1500
Excursion B: Ordovician of northeastern Estonia (19 May 2008) EUR 50 EEK 750
Excursion C: Silurian of Saaremaa Island (20–22 May 2008) EUR 250 EEK 4000
Excursion D: Devonian of southern Estonia (20–21 May 2008) EUR 200 EEK 3000

Payment options
Payments can be made by credit card (only in EEK), bank transfer or in cash on site. See the registration form for details. NB! Please do not send your credit card data by unencrypted e-mail, use fax or phone instead.

Financial support / reduced registration fee
If you need financial support please submit a free-form application along with your registration by e-mail (7bsc@gi.ee) providing the following details: name, scientific degree, affiliation, current position, title of presentation, and the reason why you need support. Each application will be considered on individual basis. Please submit your application before 1 February 2008.

Refunds of 50% of the fees will be paid if the cancellation is received before 1 May 2008. No refunds are possible after this date.

Abstracts and publication

The length of abstracts is limited to one A4 page, single-spaced, 12 pt serif font, with 2.5 cm margins. Illustrations cannot be accepted. Provide authors' names, affiliations and e-mail addresses after the title. Abstracts should be written in correct English, otherwise they will be rejected. Please submit abstracts by e-mail to 7bsc@gi.ee. The deadline is 1 March 2008.

All participants are also encouraged to submit papers for the conference volume to be published as a special issue of the Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences. The manuscripts are to be submitted before 31 August 2008. All papers will be reviewed and edited as regular papers of the journal. Please check the guidelines for authors of the journal at http://www.kirj.ee/earthsciences. Depending on the number of contributions, the conference volume will be published in late 2008 or early 2009.


Four excursions are planned to cover Cambrian to Devonian rocks of Estonia. Please note that the excursions will only take place when there is sufficient interest. As some of the excursion stops are not fixed as of now, only brief descriptions are provided below. Please check the conference website for detailed excursions programme in early 2008. If you plan to attend any of the excursions please let us know as soon as possible – but before 1 February 2008 – so that we can make all arrangements in due time.
Details will be added soon.

Excursion A: Ordovician and Silurian bentonites of Estonia

15–16 May 2008
Leader: Tarmo Kiipli
Cost: EEK 1500 / EUR 100
Maximum number of participants: 20
Start and end: Tallinn (Hotel Dzingel)
Brief description: The excursion intends to show Ordovician and Silurian outcrops in northern and western Estonia that include layers of volcanic material – the bentonites (also termed as K-bentonites or metabentonites). The localities to be visited include Peetri, Pääsküla, Päri, Orgita, Rõstla and Valgu. Participants will stay overnight in the Särghaua field station, where drillcores containing bentonites will be demonstrated. Different aspects of bentonites will be discussed during the excursion – from high-resolution stratigraphy to geochemistry, mineralogy and volcanology. The excursion fee includes guidebook, transport, accommodation (in double rooms) and all meals.

Ristna Cliff to be visited during the Excursion A (panorama courtesy to Rutt Hints & Tiit Hunt, Estonian Museum of Natural History)

Excursion B: Ordovician of northeastern Estonia

19 May 2008
Leaders: Tõnu Meidla and Leho Ainsaar
Cost: EEK 750 / EUR 50
Maximum number of participants: 40
Start: Tallinn (Hotel Dzingel)
End: Tallinn (Hotel Dzingel) or Tartu (for those continuing with excursion D)
Brief description: The Lower, Middle and Upper Ordovician successions of northeastern Estonia will be visited. The localities to be stopped at include Jägala waterfall, Saka and Valaste at the North Estonian Klint (O1-O2), kukersite oil shale mining sites (O3), O/S boundary beds in Tamsalu area, and regional Caledonian/Variscan unconformity with Eifelian (D2) carbonates covering the Ordovician in the Narva quarry. The excursion fee includes guidebook, transport and field lunch. Please note that accommodation for 19 May is not included (but see excursions C and D).

Excursion C: Silurian of Saaremaa Island

20–22 May 2008
Leaders: Peep Männik and Olle Hints
Cost: EEK 4000 / EUR 250
Maximum number of participants: 20
Start: 20 May 2008 from Tallinn (Hotel Dzingel)
End: ca 17:00 on 22 May 2008 in Tallinn
Brief description: The Silurian succession from Wenlock to Pridoli of Saaremaa Island will be shown. The localities to be visited include the Panga, Suuriku, Soeginina, Kaugatuma, Lõo and Ohessaare cliffs and the Jaagarahu and Kaarma quarries, the Kaali meteorite craters and several cultural stops. The fee includes excursion guidebook, transport, all meals and accommodation (three nights) in Tallinn (19 May) and Kuressaare (20–21 May, double rooms). Please note that accommodation in Tallinn on 22 May is not included.

Excursion D: Devonian of southern Estonia

20–21 May 2008
Leaders: Leho Ainsaar and Anne Põldvere
Cost: EEK 3000 / EUR 200
Maximum number of participants: 20
Start: Tartu
End: ca 17:00 in Tartu
Brief description: Middle to Upper Devonian succession of southeastern Estonia will be shown. The localities to be visited include Givetian terrigenous succession in Kallaste, Taevaskoja, Härma, Tabina, Helme and Tamme, and Frasnian carbonates in Tiirhanna, Marinova, and Ape (NE Latvia), as well as the Ilumetsa meteorite craters. The excursion fee includes transport, all meals and accommodation in double rooms in Tartu (night on 19/20 May) and in Võrumaa (May 20/21). It is possible to leave from Tartu to Tallinn by bus in the evening of 21 May. Please note that accommodation in Tartu or Tallinn on 21/22 May is not included. Visa holders please note, that since 2008 Estonia and Latvia are members of the Schengen room and the Estonian visa is valid for the visit to Latvia as well.


Organizing Committee

Olle Hints (Chairman), Tõnu Meidla (Vice Chairman), Leho Ainsaar, Volli Kalm, Vello Klein, Peep Männik, Jaak Nõlvak, Ivar Puura, Anne Põldvere, Ivo Sibul, and Oive Tinn.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dimitri Kaljo (Chairman, Tallinn), Prof. Jurga Lazauskiene (Vilnius), Prof. Tatyana Koren (St. Petersburg), Prof. Ervins Lukševics (Riga), Prof. Anto Raukas (Tallinn) and Dr. Thomas Servais (Lille).


Website: http://www.gi.ee/7bsc
E-mail: 7bsc@gi.ee
Fax: +372 620 30 11
Phone: +372 620 30 10
Institute of Geology at TUT
Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn
Dr. Olle Hints
E-mail: olle.hints@gi.ee
Phone: +372 620 30 27,
+372 51 30 157
Fax: +372 620 30 11
Prof. Tõnu Meidla
E-mail: tonu.meidla@ut.ee
Phone: +372 737 58 95
Fax: +372 737 58 36